Use my art to raise awareness for endangered species and their habitats. I specialize in awkward compositions and strange looking subjects. There are so many weird and wonderful creatures in the world that many people don’t even know exist. I want to use my art to give these creatures a voice and help them to be seen.


Short Bio/Creative Education

  • I spent a lot of time drawing and painting animals with watercolors as a child. It was what I liked to do and was an escape from everything and everyone else (I preferred being alone – still do).
  • Started painting with acrylics in 1998. My grandmother taught me a little, but I’m mainly self taught.
  • Went to the city of Gjøvik to study graphic design in 2008. I didn’t like it. Too many restrictions, too many rules.
  • Started my bachelor’s degree in visual arts and design in 2009. 2012 (During my last year of school) was the year I started getting serious about my painting. 
  • Felt like I couldn’t get any further with acrylics. The paintings were never finished and I kept making the same mistakes over and over again. So I decided to try oil paint. This was in 2013 and I’ve never looked back. I still use acrylics on the underpaint though. Oil paint has allowed me to focus more on improving my technique and I keep learning as I go.


Creative process

  • I started using oil pastels as a sketching medium during the summer of 2018. This was meant to be a way to challenge myself to sketch more and to play with a new medium. I find normal sketching/drawing a bit boring (progress is too slow), so I tend to avoid it – which is stupid because sketching is a good way to get familiar with the subject before starting a painting. 
  • I never copy photos (unless they’re my own). I get an idea and then I draw a very quick (and ugly) sketch just to get the idea on paper before I forget. These sketches does not make sense to anyone but me. Sometimes these hopeless sketches are all the preparation I need before starting a painting, but I try to sketch down most of my ideas with charcoal or oil pastels nowadays.
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  • I can do commissions but it has to be on my terms (I’m not a full-time painter). Contact me if you’re interested in a commisioned painting.


Thank you for reading!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or inquiries. 

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